Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these people really in prison?

A: Yes they are. They are real people in real prisons. Two are on death Row One is serving life and the other probably will be released at some time in the future.

Q: Why won't the answer questions about their crime?

A: Several of these people are waiting appeals, others are not proud of their mistakes and don't want to talk about them. Besides that isn't the point of this web site. In the future we will have a site called (Not up right now)

Q: How does this work exactly?

A: You pick the person you want to ask your question to, fill out the box, then choose who else you would like to ask. After you hit enter It comes to me in an e-mail and I print it out and send it off snail mail. They get it return the answers to me and I post them for all to see. If you wish I will send you and e-mail with their answers.

Q: That sounds like a long process, is there a way to make it faster?

A: These convicts don't have access to e-mail so, No. This is the only to send mail.

Q: Can I write them directly?

A: Yes, you can. All of these men and women are great communicators. They have become wonderful pen pals of mine. Most are looking for romantic relationships with someone who is understanding and can deal with their special circumstances. Most could also use financial help. For the most part they can't earn enough money to get all they need.

Q: Is it safe to write these people?

A: Although there is no guarantee about anything in life, if you use this site to communicate and ask questions it is virtually impossible for any of the convicts to get your e-mail address unless you want me to publish it for all to see. If you write them or anyone directly they will have your address if you give it to them.

Q: I would like a prison pen pal, Can I find someone who would like to exchange letters Photos etc.?

A: As you can see we have a pen pal page that has men and women. Many times inmates have noone else to write to. Many are in need of positive friendships and spiritual uplifting.There are several different inmates who need letters or you can write them all.

Q: Does this cost any money? How do you make money to support your site?

A: No, it is free for you to use this site and ask questions. We have advertisements and we get a few pennies when you click on an advertisement. So please do so. We also will charge a small fee for people to have their pen pal ads posted. It costs 25$ a year for a basic ad and 35$ a year for the deluxe ad. You can pay for an inmates ad using pay pal or by sending a check.Plus we will accept donations. You can send them to
4742 42nd ave #466
Seattle Wa. 98116

Make the check or money order out to

If you want to get involved or help we always need volunteers. We have a ton of stuff to do from typing out letters, redoing profiles for Serial killers to sending out flyers to inmates. You let us know what you want to do.

If you would like to e-mail us you can do so at
write us at:
4742 42nd ave #466
Seattle Wa. 98116
or call our skype number at (206) 855-6674