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AskAConvict.com prison pen pal has been created by convicts who know the needs and wants of other Convicts. We know and understand that doing time without mental spiritual emotional and financial support is very hard and stressful. All of at AskAConvict.com have come together to help convicts find the friends, love, and support they need with our innovative Pen Pal service.

It's time to rediscover the lost art of letter writing. You can make a difference in an Inmates life. Its a great way to discover what its like inside prison. It is also a great way to meet other people for friends, romance, or more. Inmates have plenty of time to think and contemplate the many different aspects of life. Therefore many of the letters you will receive will be deeper and more substantiative than letters quickly scrawled by someone on the outside. Also many inmates write poetry, draw, and paint. You may be the only contact to the outside world and normal life for an Inmate. Make a difference in your life and the life of someone else.

For those of you who want to write a Prison Pen pal it is simple. Choose whoever you find interesting from the list below and write them directly at their postal address. It costs nothing except a stamp and some paper. The friend ships that can be built by simply writing letters is amazing. It is time for you to be part of this online service, so you can find what you're looking for.

We are dedicated and motivated by one purpose, and that is to connect pen pals through letters and mail.

All convicts looking for Pen Pals...

14100 McMullen Highway ,SW, Maryland, 21502-5777
Friendship from A to Z I am Able, Bright ,candid, down to earth, educated, fair, gracious, hearty, imperfect, jolly, knowledgeable, loyal, manly, noble, open-minded, passionate, Quaint, reliable ,sincere, thoughtful, Urbain, vibrant, witty, X-rated, youthful, and zestful, however, I don't have the privilege of meeting new and interesting people at the mall cadre or just a night out on the town to share these qualities with or friendship. I am optimistic that the Internet will produce limitless avenues for friendship from honest, genuine courageous in understanding people of any ethnic persuasion, who are open to exploring the universal possibilities of a fruitful friendship with a positive minded man committed to being productive. Despite the mistake of being incarcerated. I am interested in meaningful correspondence with anyone 21 and older who understands people on their mistakes. I would enjoy trading thought with people from all walks of life no matter the geographical location as long as the quest for discovering the joys of friendship are real. I am able to converse about almost any topic, and those I cannot, I will gladly listen and learn. I keep positive by reading, writing, working out and staying politically active. I enjoy sports, poetry, music, politics, philosophy and meeting new and exciting people. I am not fond of flying games, misleading anyone or playing with someone's emotions. My intentions are to meet people and make friends, something I ra...
742 Fm 712, Tx., 76661
Hi, My name is Breckley. I am paying my debt to society for failure to appear and hope to be out soon. My maximum date is 2021 but Iíll be eligible for parole in Sept. 2011. I am looking for a friend and possibly someone to fall in love with. I would like to meet a white male between 30 and 55 yrs who lives in the mountains. I would love to relocate outside of Texas. Iíve always dreamed of living in the mountains either in Montana or Colorado. I love the snow. I also enjoy skiing, riding motorcycles, and being around good company. I am tired of being alone and want to find the man of my dreams to grow old and enjoy life with. I am only interested in men as the same race as me. I am looking for my soulmate.. Could it be you ? If you would like a free prison pen pal write me or if this is your first contact you can e-mail me at Breckley@askaconvict.com and your letter will be printed and forwarded to me. Or you can use Jpay.com to send a e-mail directly to me. Its costs the same as a stamp and takes only a day or so. Cut and paste this link. https://www.jpay.com/SearchResult.aspx?searchText=01577394&returnUrl=InmateInfo.aspx Or you can write me directly at Breckley Ables 01577394 Hobby Unit 742 Fm 712 Marlin Tx. 76661
PO. Box 129, N.C., 27983
I have been in prison for close to nine years I am a fun loving confident honest and upfront individual I love to make people smile and laugh. I can also be a good ear and support I love meeting interesting and exciting people, I am a very attractive person who likes playing and watching sports working out and writting poems. Let me make you smile by corresponding with me. You won't be disappointed. I also would like to meet a female friend to share letters and thoughts with. You can also see me at http://www.myspace.com/gregorygant If you would like a prison pen pal, you can write me at Gregory Gant #0140528 Po. box 129 Windsor N.C. 27983
pobox 8504, CA, 93210
My name is Dale. I am a middle aged father of 3 from Fremont Calif, in the San Francisco Bay area. I am 6 foot approx 250 lbs and in decent shape. I am muscular with a little extra padding. I am built for comfort not speed although I am not fat. I am currently serving a life sentence, a victim of the three strikes law. I hope to get back into court on an appeal or that there will be changes in the sentencing laws in the future. I am keeping my faith that I will be free again one day. Do you believe in giving chances and not judging a book by its cover? If s I am looking for you. I am looking for a woman friend who is interested in building a lasting relationship. If you are kind, caring and mature and want to have stimulating conversations via mail (to start with) then Iíd like a letter from you. Ade race and looks are unimportant. Itís the heart that matters. If you are a Christian that is a plus, but not a necessity. I am not adverse to a serious relationship, but I want to start as friends and see where it goes. And due to my present circumstances, obviously I am limited in what I have to offer. (I received a letter from Dale explaining to me about his life and his mistakes. I was surprised by his letter and what he has done. I believe Dale had done one of the most difficult and important steps to true forgiveness and repentance. It is something called restorative justice. Additionally Dale went on to do talks as a non violent advocate. I looked up a story about h...
Tomarcos Parker J-60111
PO Box 5104/d-2-130, CA., 93216
Stone Cold Gentleman. Born and from Riverside Ca. I am a loveable veryfunny outgoing easy to get along with guy. I am a one woman man who is a real gentelman, love to work, support my family, I love kids, pets and sports. I am looking for someone who has the same interests as myself,is very decated, loyal, trustworthy,would like to settle down.I love to read and write, I am good at working out and playing sports, I love R&B music, oldies rap and soft classic rock. I am most proud of my mom she is My hero. I would love to meet a woman who is willing to take a chance on this stone cold Gentleman If you would like a free prison pen pal please write me at Tomarcos Parker J 60111 Kvsp Po. Box 5104 / d-2-130 Delano CA. 93216 If this is your frist letter to me You can write me at Tamarcos@askaconvict.com and it will be printed out and mailed to me. Be sure to include your address.
John Robert Ashby
14100 McMullen Hwy, MD, 21502
I would be highly appreciative for; hearing from you, It would make me smile. Thank you kindly. Please know that I am incarcerrated, which I have been for 19 years, since Oct. 16th 1989. However, I would love to share correspondence with you regulary, to see just what and where it can lead to. The sky is the limit, when it comes to open communication. If you would like a prison Pen Pal, I can be reached at John Robert Ashby 209-606 NBCI 14100 McMullen HWy. Sw Cumberland Maryland 21502 Or email me at Johnashby209606@voiceforinmates.com Please say you saw my profile on askaconvict.com
Robert Demante Miles
PO Box 129, N.C., 27983
What's popin'? I am currently on lock for murder 1,Known to the penile system as "Osama The Great", I'm a incarcerated Scarface 5' 10" 170 pounds, as lean and built as a college basketball star, with a pecan complexion and a sparkling Baldy-intelligent, intellectual, humorous, generous, charismatic and decidedly handsome. I am fighting through the appellate process. I am 28, an accomplished writer intent on having my books, urban novels, published. Arguably, I am also a beast with that rap shit. On the daily, outside of working on my books and going through it with these dick teasing CO boards. I work out and play basketball daily to remain focused. I hail from Wilmington North Carolina, aka. The Port City-on the coast- I have been trapped within the system since the age of 21, so I basically I matured on the state. My ideal woman is as smart and ambitious dedicated enduring and perhaps even more assertive and well-rounded than me. I have a lot to offer the world, my flag and any deserving woman. So if you're looking to live with some street smarts, this sole survivor is guaranteed to stimulate and entertain you, do us both a favor and get at me! You won't be disappointed. I look forward to hearing from you, and if you like what you've seen and heard so far. Tell your fellow hot girls, coworkers relatives etc. about this site, thugs need love too. If you would like a prison pen pal you can write me at Robert Demante Miles 0633924 ...
Jeremy Shane Barbour 1002678
PO Box 129, N.C., 27983
Hi, My name is Jeremy. I am 26, and hail from Smithfield, N.C. I am incarcerated at Bertie N.C. hopefully by next year I'll be home. While I am here, I would like to find someone who shares some of the same life morals. Such as work ethic, health, and goals. Maybe even a small wild side. I have almost forgotten what it is like a conversation with a person with great personality, who is down to earth, and most importantly, sincere. If you're looking to have that same conversation with the same down to earth guy, and pick up your pen and lets share. Because sharing can be fun, especially when fun comes in all shapes and sizes and genders. If you would like a Prison Pen Pal write me at Jeremy Shane Barbour 1002678 Bertie Corr Inst. PO. Box 129 Winsor NC. 97983
7819 Nw 228th Street, Florida, 32026-4450
Whats up people? This is Warden Jon and I want to tell you about a friend of mine that I think is pretty cool and when you write him, no doubt you'll see I'm right, he is a cool dude. I am putting this add up for him, and it's a surprise because he doesn't know. And I wish I could see his face and starts receive mail from new friends. Well let me tell you about my friend. His name is Noel Doorbal and he is on Florida's death row. He's been incarcerated for I believe 13 years. But let me tell you, you wouldn't know it and it's just like a guy you could need in line at Starbucks or a guy at a football game. I think he's just turned 36 years old, but you would guess his ten years younger, because he's a bodybuilder. In fact, he was training to become a professional bodybuilder before his incarceration, and he still works out regularly five to six days a week. He's also a father of two daughters, and he just became a grandpa of a Little girl that he doesn't stop talking about. He's very close to his kids and I admire the relationship he has with them. Also door ball can draw, he's got mad skills, and I'm sure when you write to him. He will send you cards, he has made. But it has a whole bunch of hobbies and interests, but I'll leave that for you to find out. And no doubt you'll be glad you chose to write him a hall Adam. And like I said, he has no idea about this ad and he'll be surprised and you'll make him smile. I know he would like to have more pen pals. If...
Larry R. Young 460579
Huges unit Rt 2 box 4400, Texas, 76597
I am a divorced Christian man who is 6'0 175 lbs. I am looking for someone to correspond with until I get out of prison in a few years. I am not picky about age and I will write to either men or women. I love to read books and listen to old country music and some Jazz. I also like Horror movies. I am looking for friends to help make these last few years go by as fast as they can. If you are wondering I am in For Agg kidnapping and I will be released 4-17 2016 If you would like a prison pen pal write me at. Larry R. Young 460579 Huges unit Rt 2 box 4400 Gatesville, Texas 76597
Jenyon Mc Elvine 065515
PO. Box 1808, N.C., 28353
I was lost but now I am found! What's good! To all those who view my profile I want you to know that I am a very intelligent brother. I am a single, 29 years old with a strong, tall, medium build. I'm open to all subjects, can build on any aspect and I'm a good conversationalist. I also have a good sense of humor and my experiences in life have enabled me to grow into an understanding person that you will enjoy corresponding with. I don't have a complex on a person's age or appearance. I look only at the inner beauty of an individual. I am looking for someone who loves to converse, and build on life, Someone who is open to all things, has a sense of humor, and is not judgmental. I am good at being a mentor and practicing good morals and ethics. I like to watch TV, usually sitcoms and reality shows. My favorite types of movie are action and romance. My favorite music is old-school R&B or jazz. My favorite books are educational books or novels,( romance), and the thing I'm most proud of is being able to over stand Life's ups and downs. I would like to meet men or women between 25 and 45 years old. I cant explain my case here but I realy need legal help so if you can help or know someone who does please contact me. Otherwise I would love to get your letters. If you would like a prison pen pal write me at Jenyon Mc Elvine 065515 PoBox 1808 Laurinburg N.C. 28353
Lochild Reed 262545
14100 McMullen Hghy, Maryland, 21502
Mature- conscious, creative, honest, and loyal Prisoner seeks to meet correspond, and build meaningful positive and lasting friendships with mature minded women from all walks of life and ethnic groups . I wish to communicate with very outspoken confident career minded women of all ages from 25 to 60 who loves themselves in a spirited, healthy, and physical way! Although, I am incarcerated, I still have dreams, plans ,and aspirations of overcoming my situation through reeducation, and creative hard work. I believe it is still possible for me to regain my freedom within the very near future, and become a positive influence within the workings of society. I do enjoy cross-country bike riding MMA boxing, swimming, strength training, calisthenics, home building , restoration and improvement. I also like wood building and metal fabrication, clothing designing and creative writing, poems ,songs and drawings. I try to be open minded with other peoples opinion, although at times that can be a burden, but who am I to complain? At times my opinion stinks Sincerely, If you would like a free prison penpal please write me Lochild Reed 262545 14100 McMullen Highway Cumberland Maryland 21502
Robert Lamont Ireland 212233
14100 McMullen Highway ,SW, Maryland, 21502-5777
I'm a divorced father of one daughter, who is 18. I enjoy reading, writing, staying healthy. I listen to R&B , contemporary Jazz ,soul and soft rock. I am in search of a self-confident, mature , independent woman for a serious friendship (relationship), and possibly a lifelong commitment of fun, love, growth and development. Communication as well as honesty and trust is very important to me. I truly do believe a relationship can't survive without it. I'm very open-minded, spontaneous, a good listener, intellectual , affectionate, caring, quite lovable, straightforward, loyal, honest trustworthy and enjoy simple things life has to offer. I'm a one-woman type of guy. Once I open up to you it's all about you, and no one else. I have 30 year sentence with 20 years on the I'm still able to earn days off for good behavior, and still a eligible for parole no later than to 2015. So any time before then, I am able to regain my freedom. I'm eventually getting out sooner or later. This ad is for serious minded women only, who are about no games, and no lies. If you're willing to take a chance and stick it out with me and get to know me for who I am. Then it's all good. I promise you won't regret it. Please send photo with your response. I'm open to all races sizes as long as you're beautiful, in respect to mind and body. If you would like a prison pen pal please write me at Robert Lamont Ireland 212-233 NBCI 2-c-15 14100 McMullen Hwy. SW. Cumberland, Maryla...
Rushawn Hamilton
PO. Box 1808, N.C., 28353
As noted my name is Rushawn Hamilton but all who know me call me Uno. I am 6í1Ē and 225 lbs. Iím dark skinned so I guess I am literally: Tall Dark and Handsome (smile). Itís my desire to attract a pen pal whoíll offer companionship as a friend. Hopefully that person weather male or female is sincere, honest and one who respects the struggle. My situation doesnít define who I am. I give definition to my situation allowing my struggle as a whole to define who I am and what Iíll become. I am deep diverse and distinguished and I am still seeking a friend to join my journey and my struggle. If you would like a prison pen pal please write me at Rushawn Hamilton 0786000 PO. Box 1808 Laurenburg NC. 28353
n/a, Georgia, 30316
I am Native American, part Cherokee. I am also... Open to either sex for Romantic relationships! Of course I hate titles because I am just me! I have three beautiful children, two boys 21 and 14 and one girl 18. I am a very positive person, who loves to joke around and laugh I'm also intelligent and very open minded. Even though I am incarcerated I am very much free freedom is a state of mind not the state your body is in! I love to write, and I love to write poems. I also enjoy sports and music and I love to read. When prison tried to close down my body it was then that I opened my mind. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream life is but a passing phase, so I live it to the fullest I'm open to receiving letters from both male and females of any race If you would like a prison pen pal please ask for my address. I would love some mail. Ms. Kelly Gissendaner 357507 Metro S.P DD-234 1301 Constitution Rd SE Atlanta, Georgia 30316
4742 42nd Av. #466, Wa, 98116
Hi I am the creator of Ask a convict. Not a serial killer even though I listed my self as one...You can write me as well if you want. I may foward the question on to one or more of the inmates to get their input on it as well. If you want me to write you back leave a e-mail or just check back and I'll post the answer here. It takes a while sometimes so be patient. If you know someone who would like a pen pal membership give me their address and I'll send a flyer. Its only 35$ a year. If you all want some Askaconvict.com stickers to paste around town for all to see, let me know and I send you some. Plus with our new site almost ready www.askaserialkiller we need volunteers to type letters. I'll scan them and send them to you and you can type them and send them back. For the struggle!! Jon
PoBox 5104 d-4-225, CA., 93216
My Name is Paul Mc Keon, Iím of Mexican Irish Decent, 42 years young. I am 5í10Ē-175 pounds. I am a huge sports fan, My hobbies; Anything out doors, camping, fishing, swimming, and riding bikes. For entertainment I like movies, horror , comedy, or historical. On TV, I like anything on PBS, Or any program dealing with current events. I enjoy reading, I can read almost anything but my favorite is history. I am a fun carefree guy looking for a pen pal who has some free time on her hands to get to know this lonely guy. Write me at Paul McKeon J-94354 Kusp d-4-225 PO Box 5104 Delano, Ca 93216-3104
RT.2 Box 4400, TX, 76597
Thanks for checking out my profile. I am open to any correspondence and I will write you back. I am 46 years Young and not your typical inmate. I have never given up and I remain positive about my hopes, dreams and A better life. I have put the worst behind me. I love adventure and long for a forever type friend to share all with. I love to travel. I also love animals, especially cats. I also enjoy and have extensive knowledge of music. Go ahead ask me. I enjoy learning everything I can and I enjoy reading everything I can. I love art and drawing. My photo isnít very recent but it gives you an idea. I look basically the same with a little less hair. I exercise and run regularly . I should have some new photos soon. If you come visit maybe we can get out photo taken together. I will be up for parole in 2012. If I donít get paroled, I will get out 2078. If there are any serious dreamers and life lovers out there please feel free to drop me a line and get acquainted. I am looking forward to getting to know you. If this is your first letter to me you can write me via e-mail and it will be forwarded to me. GeorgeW@askaconvict.com. Jon will print it out and forward it to me. You have to give me an address so I can write you back. We have no computer access in prison. You can also send me a letter via Jpay. It costs the same as a stamp. I get it in a day or two. The best way to write is by letter so I can read it and get any photos you send. I like photos of anythin...
1916 N. Hwy 36 Bypass, TX, 76596
Diamonds and Denim Looking for a woman who can throw on a pair of patched up jeans, grab a backpack, go camping, hunting, hiking and bait their own hook??? Also in the same breath wear a pair of 3 inch heels, no back Versace evening gown and hold intelligent conversations on all levels from politics and sports to Martha Stewarts favorite designs and recipes??? Look No Further!!! Born and raised in Dallas, Texas but would someday love to see Texas in the rear view mirror. Articulate, educated and working towards a college degree. I plan to pursue a career as a loss prevention consultant for computer identification and credit fraud. I enjoy true crime novels as well as Vampire novels. James Patterson and Laura Hamilton are two of my favorite authors. Friendly, fun loving, sincere and sensuous. I'm a romantic at heart, love long walks in the moonlight, candle light dinners and bubble baths for two. Enjoy dancing, country ho-downs and black tie waltzes. I've taken tap, ballet and jazz for 10 plus years. Listen to a wide range of music. Two of my biggest idols are Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe... a perfect balance of brains and beauty. I breathe NASCAR racing like you breathe air. Its mandatory. Very open minded with a positive attitude on life. I see everyday as a gift to make something new and special with. Maybe that gift is you??? Height: 5'8" Religion: Methodist Do you smoke? No Would you like letters from both sexes? men only Education:...
Crystal Alexander
2305 ransom Rd., TX., 76528
This picture was taken June 2007, the day before I turned myself in. I have hired a parole attorney and hope to make parole in August of this year. I am a couple of streets past normal avenue,and I like being different. I like to have fun and love to laugh! I'm looking for someone that is honest and has a good sense of humor, preferably between 25-35. Electronic music is my life, specifically drum and bass, jungle and breaks. I love to break dance, b-boys are so hot, and I have a weakness for D-Jays and black men. I'd like to get to know someone with similar interests and would be most interested in those in Texas, California, and Arizona. Don't let my profession intimidate you, it's what I do for a living, and I'm very good at it, but I keep most of that at work! Height: 5'5" Do you smoke? Yes Occupation before prison: professional dominatrix Activities in prison: yoga, reading (Zechariah sitchia), writing poetry If you would like a free prison pen pal write me at Crystal Alexander #1448009 2305 Ransome RD. Gatesville Texas76528 You an write your first letter to me by e-mail if you want. My e-mail is Crystala@askaconvict.com. It will be fowarded to me. Be sure to include your address if you want me to write you back.
RT 2 Box 4400, Texas, 76597
Hi, I'm assuming that I've dropped the anchor of your attention for a moment, so I hope I can keep it in the bottom of the sea until I give you a little bit more information about me. My intentions on investing in this web site are to start a dialogue with someone that I can construct a nice friendship with. Have I asked too much? Or would you be willing to extend a hand in friendship and explore the possibilities. I hope so. I am a open minded individual and love to do so many things that I couldn't possibly list them all here on this web site. While doing my incarceration, I write alot, read, exercise, and continue to flex my brain muscle. I have an entrepreneurial mind, I'm laid back, and a gentleman. I bet I can make you giggle, I am a stand up comedian that hasn't been discovered by Hollywood yet. Can You believe that? Try me Out! If you choose to write me, I cant promise you anything except for mental stimulation and friendship. So please give me a try and send me a letter. I hope to soon be your friend. That's right I'm begging you. So now Ill just sit back in my cell and hope that the mail man stops at my door and hands me your letter. Write me at Mr Charleston Parrish 01218164 Hughes unit Box 4400 Gatesville TX 76597 If this is your first letter you can email it to me and it will be printed out and mailed to me. CRay@askaconvict.com. The best and fastest way is to send me a letter via jpay. It costs the same as a stamp but I get it in one day. cut a...
Po Box 2149, Tx., 77805
Yes, Sunshine is my real name. My mom is a hippie which makes me her flower child! I have five brothers, and being the only girl, I'm very athletic. Fishing, camping, and hunting are just a few of my hobbies. I'm intelligent, and enjoy reading a good book. I'm very adventurous, outgoing, and have been told I have a sparkling personality. Of course growing up with five brothers I very much enjoy my mischievous side, having learned to take each opportunity to instigate a good laugh. To keep busy inside I liketo Workout every day, play sports, and work. I am seeking a fun friendship. Please send photo with reply. If this is your first contact you can e-mail me and it will be printed out and forwarded to me Sunshine@askaconvict.com If you would like a free prison penpal please write me Sunshine Thornton #36171-177 Federal Prison Camp PO Box 2149 Bryan, TX. 77805
P.V.S.P. DGym 139 L PO Box 8504, CA., 93210
LIFE REBUILDERS NEEDED...help to continue the miracle of a new life in progress. 6'0", 235 lbs, crazy green eyes, brown hair. As the old folk song goes; "It wasn't picking the blues that got me busted by the man." I made my share of bad choices while chasing a false dream...and it took getting hammered down so low that rats were delivering my mail to give me a real sense of how big I really wasn't!!! Now my dream is to put my mistakes behind me and redesign myself in a positive light. I'm a very outgoing, uncomplicated, caring person and loyal to a fault. I am hoping to meet people to build true and lasting friendships. In the last eight years I have earned my certification as a master machinist and am 16 hours away from earning my AA degree. I spent my life as a commercial diver and have worked around the world in the off-shore oil fields. I love to read, write, hike, camp, and stay busy with interesting and challenging projects. My plans are to pursue an engineering degree at Cal Berkeley upon my release in 2010. All letters welcome from other positive-minded people. Age and race are not important. I look forward to your letter. Who knows, we could be meant to be best friends. Daniel Barker #K-44825 P.V.S.P. DGym 139 L PO Box 8504 Coalinga, Ca, 93210 If it is your first time writing me you can also send an e-mail that will be fowarded to me be sure to include your postal address. Dbarker@askaconvict.com
A-4-110 PO Box 92, CA,, 93610
I am a very special woman who is sensitive, and sensual, who wants is all out of life. I'm romantic and love those walks on the beach with the moon lightly touching my face. To me, the sky is the limit. I am open minded and nonjudgmental I like stimulating activities such as sports and the outdoors. I love all types of music. I love to dance, it creates a sensuality that it can only bring. I am searching for individuals who are stimulating, open minded and romantic, who will put me on a pedestal. Again, the sky is the limit with a woman like me. Don't be afraid! I respond to all. If you would like a free prison pen pal write me at Bonnie Hernandez #W51179 A-4-110 PO Box 92 Chowchilla, CA. 93610 You an write your first letter to me by e-mail if you want. My e-mail is Bonnieh@askaconvict.com. It will be fowarded to me. Be sure to include your address if you want me to write you back.
pobox 7500 c-8-121 low, CA., 95532
Hello, My name is Eric and I hope within the time it takes you to read this, I will accomplish two things. The first being, bringing a smile to your face and the second, sparking an interest in you that will make it irresistible to pick up a pen and say hello (LOL) I am sure you have already seen my Picture and will agree that God did a wonderful job.(LOL) Honestly looks donít really matter to me because Iíve learned that itís the stem that creates the rose. I am very open minded, have a great personality and love making people smile. I understand that life is hard and we all need something in our lives that will bring us pleasure. It is my hope that our friendship will become that pleasure and my letters will give you something to look forward to I have many hobbies, drawing reading, working out and writing being a few. Poetry is the most genuine. I have several pieces published. At the moment I am awaiting college enrollment and I do have my GED. It is my greatest hope that I will soon become the author of my own novel. My only Intention is finding friends who I can share my experience and thoughts with. There are so many things in this world that I have not seen but I hope within time I will see through your eyes. I look forward to your company and hope that youíve enjoyed mine If you would like a free prison pen pal then write me at Eric Pritchard K-78061 PBSP(SHU)c-8-121 PO BOX 7500 c-8-121 low Crescent City CA. 95532 If it is your first time writing ...
Maurice Blevins
14100 McMullan Highway S.W., MD, 21502
Greetings to all the ladies who may be reading this missive. I am giving the means to share my character and personality with whom it may concern. Let me start off by saying that I'm a man is behind the wall. As we speak, meaning I'm incarcerated. So if that displeases you excuse me. First, my intentions are to meet a woman whoís open to building a bridge of communication that will last, whether it's a friendship, pen pals or whatever any of these lines lead to. I'm willing to give my honest thoughts and opinions. I'm not here to judge anyone or be judged, as the ďHigher BeingĒ is going to do that. I stay pensive throughout my letters, and if you choose to do the same also, but I'm a fun spirited person as well. Over the last 10 years I've learned how to make the best out of the worst of times and stay strong doing it. I do have a little weakness, though. My heart, so I've also mastered the real from the fakeism. I am a straightforward type of dude. I speak what I feel, and I feel like I speak. Yes! I'm a grown man, and Iím coming in such form. I stimulate my mind by reading all sorts of books, and I study regularly. I can assure whoever decides to share their time with me, I won't be your usual, engage. I am a wise guy. I'm not fond of mind games or leading women to believe one thing, when it's another. My one request is he that you be at least 21, and interested in sharing some thoughts for someone who will listen and take what he hears into consideration...
1697 fm 980, Tx., 77343
RAY NEEDS MAIL PLEASE WRITE HIM!!! Ray is a great guy. He is polite smart and funny. Allow me to first say, Thank You for taking the time to view my profile and entertaining the possibility of a blossoming friendship. I hope I can intrest you in becoming friends. Its difficult to say everything in a few paragraphs. I am a romantic and would love to meet people of different nationalities and backgrounds. I have traveled around the USA. I am open minded, presentable in any social situation, and I donít have tattoos on my face or arms. I am educated and intelligent. I plan on furthering my education and love learning new things. I like to draw and read various things including poetry. I like all kinds of music. I love to dance and if you get me out on the dance floor Iíll show you how I can dance like John Travolta in Saturday night fever, but sorry no tight bell bottoms or splits here..LOL. I am in excellent health. I exercise regularly I am surrounded by a supportive loving family which consists of two brothers and a sister who all have families of their own. I would like to meet some new friends ( pen pals) and especially a woman who would like to share her thoughts and possibly someday have a healthy romantic relationship with me. I am looking for someone I can express my loving thoughts to as a friend or whatever your heart and soul desire us to be. If you would like to visit me I am located near Waco Texas. I am open to endless possibilities. Thank you for rea...
Po Box 92, CA, 93610
I am a beautiful blend of woman, infused with Puerto Rican, Italian, and Black. Iím on quest for a soulmate, a Best friend, and a lover, all combined into one man. You can see past the walls that hold me captive and into my heart that has been waiting to get itself to you. I enjoyed a variety of activities i.e. racquetball volleyball, water sports, camping and fishing, as long as I don't have to clean the fish, but I would love to cook our catch of the day for us. I love to dance in your arms and melt into your embrace. You challenge my mind, keep me laughing with your witty sense of humor and appreciate my witty ways. We enjoy watching sports together on a lazy Sunday. I'm honest loving warm sincere. I'm a hopeless romantic and very devoted. I am serious about finding you. I don't know your name, but I know your heart, and I know were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. I'm willing to share everything with you. I refuse to give up on a life filled with happiness and love. Iíll search the world over to find you and will go anywhere to be with you once I find you .Good night my love, sleep well and remember to always dream greatly. If you would like a free prison pen pal write If this is your first letter to me you can e-mail it and it will be printed out and forwarded to me. My e- mail is JessicaV@askaconvict.com Or just write me at Jessica Valerio w64447 V.S.P.W. B4-25-3L Po Box 92 Chowilla Ca. 93610-0092
Hobby Unit, TX, 76661
Hello to everyone out there looking and reading what I have to say !! I am seeking a special someone to share your thoughts and feelings, inner soul and wanting the same in return. Well, Here I am. My name is Patricia and I am a very pretty Hispanic woman with long brown hair and eyes. I am in a Texas prison and still looking for my soul mate, thinking and dreaming of my goals and future. I need someone who understands me and my issues of life and my issues of me. We all have problems. I am a very smart, sexy, classy, outgoing woman who is full of life. I want Loyalty, companionship, open-mindedness, and funniness to keep me smiling. I like to read a lot of books; they keep the mind busy and wandering. I also go to knitting class. I love spring and summer, swimming, camping and traveling. My dream is to own a balloon and flower shop. I have never been married, but always wanted to but I never found the right man. So are you him? If Not, I am still open for a friendship. I believe being friends first then things move to better things. Sometimes Iím too nice and friendly and it gives everyone a chance to get to know me!! So hurry and write me. We can talk about anything you want!! Write me at Patricia Arrendondo #1376539742 Fm 712 Marlin TX 76661 Hobby Unit If this is your first letter to me you can e-mail me at patricia@askaconvict.com and it will be printed out and mailed to me. Please ad your address so I can write you back.
742 Fm 712, TX, 76661
I have light brown hair, blue green eyes, I'm single, seeking men and women I'm very well-educated. My goal is to obtain a degree while incarcerated I enjoy sports and outdoors. I do have an exotic and erotic side. I'm seeking companionship and friendship with a male or female 30 and older, who is secure, nonjudgmental , dependable, stable and compassionate. I have made mistakes and I have learned from them. I would like to find someone help me grow in life. I will respond to all mail. If you would like a free prison pen pal write me at Kelley baker 1122777 Hobby Unit 742 FM 712 Marlin, Tx. 76661 If this is your first letter to me, you can e-mail me at KellyBaker@askaconvict.com. Please be sure to include your address so I can write you back. I look forward to your mail.
AllRed unit 2101 FM N., TX, 76367
Jorge Arelland #1433777 Allred Unit 2101 FM 369 N. Iowa Park, Texas.
1500 State School Rd., TX, 76598
I am interested in stability, sincerity, and honesty. Someone who respects Individuality and equality, as well as the right to be different. Someone willing to invest their time, effort, and energy towards achieving a friendship of worth. I have made poor decisions in the past which ripped my life and family apart. The focus of my heart is restoring my life, my career, and more importantly, my relationships with my grown children. My heart is honest and sincere. With God's guidance and blessings my future will be a success again. I look forward to the journey ahead and having someone who is willing to travel the road ahead. I look forward to hearing from you. If I don't, then best wishes to you anyway. If this is your first letter to me you can have Jon at Askaconvict printout and forward your letter to me. Just send me a e -mail at MicheleD@askaconvict.com. Be sure to add your postal address so I can write you back. I don't have access to computers in here. Michele Daenecke 724880 Hilltop Trustee Camp 1500 State School Rd. Gatesville, TX 76598
C-3-2-2l, CA, 93610
Hello My name is Lorisa. I am 28 years old. This is my first and last time in prison. Every day in this place is a struggle for me to get through alone. I am in need of friend ship, passion and romance, with the right man. I hold no expectations. I just need someone to keep me smiling through this experience. I have made a lot of mistakes in life. Like looking for love in all the wrong places. As a result I was involved with the wrong man. I just want someone who will make me feel special and bring alive those feelings I have not felt for a long time. I had a very traumatic child hood. I have never experienced ďbeing in loveĒ I am reaching out in hopes of experiencing that loss-of-control feeling that comes with being in love. Are you tired of being alone? Then take a chance on me, perhaps we can find something special in each other. I will answer all letters. If this is your first contact you can send me an e-mail at LorisaD@askaconvict.com and it will be printed and forwarded to me or If you would like a free prison penpal please write me you can write me directly at Lorisa Douglas x-33508 C-3-2-2l Po box 92 Chowchilla Ca 93610
Eric Anderson
4-eb-101, CA, 94974
Eric would like some mail... If you would like a free prison pen pal write Eric Anderson f-01126 San Quentin Prison 4-eb-101 Sanquentin, Ca 94974
Latoya Williams
pobox 92, CA, 93610
I am a 26 year old Blk woman. I am single and I am looking for a friend to write to me. I will be out of here 1-19-2012. I am 5'6" and 200 lbs. If you would like a free prison pen pal write me all mail will be answered.
d2-16-3l, CA, 93610-0092
My name is Tonya, I'm 28 years old. I am Mexican and White. I stand 5í5Ē tall. This is my first and last time in prison and I feel very alone. I will be out soon and i would love to have some friends on the outside. I need someone who will look past my mistakes and understand. I hold no expectations. I just want someone to make me smile and be there for me in this tough time. I could use some friends out there, age, race, and looks are unimportant. I look at what's on the inside. I have been through a lot in my life, and I'm not into games. I keep busy in here as a mentor to other women and with cosmetology. I don't have any family out there. I would like to meet a decent man, I prefer someone older. I am a very intelligent woman who made a mistake and is making the best of it. I look forward to hearing from you. I will answer all letters but I would like to meet a nice man. Write soon. If this is your first letter to me , you can email me and it will be printed out and sent to me. I have no access to a computer so you have to give an address to write you back. My e-mail is Tonya B @askaconvict.com If you would like a free prison penpal please write me Tonya Blount #X-29245 Valley State Prison for Women d2-16-3l PO Box 92 Chowchilla, CA. 93610-0092