Extended Profile of Eric Pritchard K78061

Eric Pritchard K78061

  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B.: 7/29/1981
  • Race: Hispanic/White
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Crime: Attempted Murder/ Robbery
  • Sentence: 2010/Poss parole
  • Prison: Pelican Bay(shu)
  • Address: pobox 7500 c-8-121 low
  • City: Cresent City
  • State: CA.
  • Zip: 95532
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My name is Eric and I hope within the time it takes you to read this, I will accomplish two things. The first being, bringing a smile to your face and the second, sparking an interest in you that will make it irresistible to pick up a pen and say hello (LOL)
I am sure you have already seen my Picture and will agree that God did a wonderful job.(LOL) Honestly looks donít really matter to me because Iíve learned that itís the stem that creates the rose.
I am very open minded, have a great personality and love making people smile. I understand that life is hard and we all need something in our lives that will bring us pleasure. It is my hope that our friendship will become that pleasure and my letters will give you something to look forward to
I have many hobbies, drawing reading, working out and writing being a few. Poetry is the most genuine. I have several pieces published. At the moment I am awaiting college enrollment and I do have my GED. It is my greatest hope that I will soon become the author of my own novel.
My only Intention is finding friends who I can share my experience and thoughts with. There are so many things in this world that I have not seen but I hope within time I will see through your eyes. I look forward to your company and hope that youíve enjoyed mine
If you would like a free prison pen pal then write me at
Eric Pritchard K-78061
PO BOX 7500
c-8-121 low
Crescent City CA. 95532
If it is your first time writing me you can do so at e_pritchard@askaconvict.com I
Be sure to include your address so I can write you back

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