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Ward Weaver

  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B.: ???
  • Race: White
  • Religion: Other
  • Crime: Murder
  • Sentence: None
  • Prison: San Quentin

Ward is our only new addition to askaconvict.com His wisdom, kindness, and honesty made me want to ad him to our site. Please welcome him.

Born In Glendale Calif. but raised in the mountains of Humboldt county. Fishing and ranching are my main love. Now writing novels, crocheting, working on my loom, making Indian jewelry are my pass time as I wait to meet new and interesting people through correspondence. I welcome any questions that cross your mind, so write, I never avoid answering all letters.

Crafts Made by Ward Can be purchased directly through him. Please see his art work link for some ideas and pricing.
If you would like a free prison penpal please write me
Ward Weaver
C-39361 1-eb-93
SanQuentin Prison
SanQuentin CA. 94974

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Indian Jewerly

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Hello! I\'m 24 years old. I\'m from a very small town and very interested in art and jewelry. I was wondering your pricing on your Indian jewelry. I\'d love to buy a piece. Hope to hear from you soon.Please send information on prices of wards Indian jewelry. As stated above I have an interest in art and jewelry. Thank you! Reply soon please!!


Contact ward directly


I have many questions for you


Well, go ahead and ask..


I see that you use one of the Hupa Basket designs on your blankets.You mention Hoopa,Ca.Isn't it true Sir that you never really lived on the Hoopa Reservation,but rather one of the small towns possibly close by....What is the name of that town you say you grew up in Humboldt County????


Dear Sir:
Your name brings up an interesting question along with answering your, your last name sounds familiar to me, I remember my father talking to his friends about having a girlfriend by that last name there on the reservation. Could this be why you know some about me?

As to your question, you only have your facts a little mixed up, so let me clarify my position on this as to your lack in this area. First off you didn't say how old you were, so I don't know if your information is self knowledge or second hand knowledge. But my answer won't matter to this fact.
Facts: My father was the first and to my knowledge the only white man to ever be allowed to build a business on a California Reservation and he built a saw mill there on the Hoopa Reservation called the BIG FOUR LUMBER COMPAY and it was so called due to my father having three other partners.
They also built a shack there at the mill to live in, for the three of them worked the mill along with hiring one or two people on the reservation to work it, I believe this was built in 1953 when I was nine years old and at that time, my mother, one sister and I lived in a area in the mountains of Humboldt county called WAREN CREEN, where my sister and I went to the last of the one room schools in California where one teacher taught all eight grades at the same time.
My father on some, not all, but some weekends would come home, but most of the time he as the other partners lived there at the mill.
During every summers that my father had the mill, I would live there with them in the shack.
When I turned eleven 1955, my father put me to work at the mill, not for wages, but for room and board and the first place I started was working on the pond, a few days after starting, I fell in the pond seven times and my father pulled me off the pond and put me on pulling green chair with him.
In 1956, my father moved us from Warren Creek to Sayler where I went through the seventh grade there in Willow Creek and we lived at Sayler for eighteen months, at which time during all that time, during the summers, I still lived at the mill working.
In 1958, my father gave up his partnership of the mill to the other partners and we moved back to the coast to an area called Moonstone Heights where I went through the eigth grade at Trinidad and high school in Arcata.
One of the guys from the reservation was on the tribal counsel and had a son my age who he and I played together and his father took me under his wing and along with his.


Are you the guy that murdered the little girls!


No that wasn't me. That is a different Ward Weaver. My son


Hi Everyone :)
I wanted to know what kind of programs you have access to in the prison you're at? Are there programs you don't have but would like to and if so what are they?
Do you think it's important for inmates to have access to programs/groups/education etc? For their morale, self esteem, education etc, I think it is important.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and hope that you all have a great week.
Thanks to everyone.
Cheers & regards,


Q-What kind of programs do we have on death row?
A-There are various religious programs. I belong to the Indian Spiritual Group where I grew up my younger years on an Indian reservation in the mountains and believe in their teachings, But they have all the other ones as well.
2-They have a hobby program, but all hoby has to be done in your cell and you are restricted to doing programs that call for no tools like even child safety scissors, where we are allowed out of our cell except to go to the yard, visits, sick call, yard, or showers and you are handcuffed behind our back before taken out of your cell and not unhand cuffed until you are locked in the yard , visiting room shower, or back in your cell.
Education programs are done in your cell and you are taught through your tv from a sanquentin Station here and when it is time for your tests you are taken out of your cell and put into a small cage where the teacher gives tests to all the ones enrolled at the same time. There are a row of cages ,os the teacher can deal with however many students they have.
Q--Are there programs we donít have That I would like?
A-Not really, for the rules of a death row inmate are so strict, we are lucky to have what we do have. There are people on the streets and even some guards who believe inmates shouldnít have anything, no TV, radio, letters, magazine, phone calls nothing but sitting in a empty cell looking at four walls.
Q- Do I think It is important for inmates to have access to programs/ groups/education ect?
A-If you take a person who is somewhat sane, just committed a crime and Isolate them for years, you end up with a real insane person that has not reason, dreams or desires and most of all you stip them of all emotion except anger. What happens if on appeal the person if found Not Guilty of their crime, that he or she didnít get a fair trial and they are sett free. What kind of person has the isolation set free upon the uneducated public? So, Yes I feel it is important to have all these things available to inmates, death row or otherwise. I am just thankful for it is people like you that will work towards trying to keep the mental attitude of inmates as good as possible where rehabilitation is only a word in the prison system not a reality.