Extended Profile of Rockwell Jones 3rd

Rockwell Jones 3rd

  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B.: 10/12/74
  • Race: African American
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Crime: Murder
  • Sentence: Life
  • Prison: NBCI
  • Address: 14100 McMullen Highway ,SW
  • City: Cumberland
  • State: Maryland
  • Zip: 21502-5777
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Friendship from A to Z
I am Able, Bright ,candid, down to earth, educated, fair, gracious, hearty, imperfect, jolly, knowledgeable, loyal, manly, noble, open-minded, passionate, Quaint, reliable ,sincere, thoughtful, Urbain, vibrant, witty, X-rated, youthful, and zestful, however, I don't have the privilege of meeting new and interesting people at the mall cadre or just a night out on the town to share these qualities with or friendship. I am optimistic that the Internet will produce limitless avenues for friendship from honest, genuine courageous in understanding people of any ethnic persuasion, who are open to exploring the universal possibilities of a fruitful friendship with a positive minded man committed to being productive. Despite the mistake of being incarcerated. I am interested in meaningful correspondence with anyone 21 and older who understands people on their mistakes. I would enjoy trading thought with people from all walks of life no matter the geographical location as long as the quest for discovering the joys of friendship are real. I am able to converse about almost any topic, and those I cannot, I will gladly listen and learn. I keep positive by reading, writing, working out and staying politically active. I enjoy sports, poetry, music, politics, philosophy and meeting new and exciting people. I am not fond of flying games, misleading anyone or playing with someone's emotions. My intentions are to meet people and make friends, something I rarely get the chance to do something most take for granted and don't appreciate. So if you are interested in friendship from a to Z.. Please do not hesitate to write me directly or by e-mail. All replies will be answered promptly

Rockwell is working on a web site to promote the publishing of inmates books.
If you would like a Free prison pen pal please write me at..
RockWell Jones 3rd 220444
NBCI 2d15
14100 MC Mullen Highway S.W.
Cumberland, Maryland
Unlimited Potential!!!

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